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The Fish who Could Wish

The Fish who Could Wish
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Alter: 3 - 5
Autor: John Bush
Verlag: Oxford University Press
Serie: Children's books
Sprache: Englisch
Edition: 1. Edition 2008


Deep in the ocean lives a fish whose wishes come true! He wishes for all sorts of crazy things - a castle, a car, and even fine clothes to wear. But he is a rather foolish fish and one day he wishes to be just like all the other fish... perhaps this will be the one wish he wishes he never wished!

The rhythmical text is great to read aloud and Korky Paul's illustrations take to you to a crazy underwater world. With its neat punch line, this is a book that children will just love to hear (and join in with) over and over again.

Korky Paul studied art at the Durban School of Art in Natal, South Africa and then spent three years working for an advertising agency in Cape Town. In 1976 as Korky puts it he ""fled for Europe"" and got a job illustrating and designing educational books in Greece. He then spent some time working for an advertising agency in London and Los Angeles and then studied film animation at Cal Arts in California.

Korky Paul is married with two children. He works in Oxford but spends the summer living it up in Greece.