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You Can't Scare Me

You Can't Scare Me
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Alter: 4 - 6
Autor: Bonnie Grubman
Verlag: Clavis Uitgeverij / Clavis Publishing
Serie: Children's books
Sprache: Englisch
Edition: 1. Edition 2020


Best friends Walter and Willy are having a sleepover. Walter thinks it’s fun to scare Willy. But what happens when the tables get turned? A barely scary story about friendship and respect. Bonnie Grubman, author of children’s picture books, lives in Syosset, New York. This is what she says about herself: ‘Once upon a time I lived in a wonderful little apartment with my mom and dad, brother and sister, pet turtles and a parakeet. On hot summer nights I would cool off on the fire escape with a stack of books and a flashlight. I loved reading. I went to Nursing School, became a Mommy and traded my Nurse's hat for a classroom full of picture books and inspiring young children who found joy and curiosity in everything they saw. Because of the kids and for the kids I've been writing ever since. I hope to continue to foster the love of reading and preserve the magic of childhood.’