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Benji and the Giant Kite

Benji and the Giant Kite
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Alter: 4 - 6
Autor: Alan C. Fox
Verlag: Clavis Uitgeverij / Clavis Publishing
Serie: Children's books
Sprache: Englisch
Edition: 1. Edition 2018


Benji wants to buy a giant orange kite. But it’s very expensive, so he works hard to earn the money by helping his mom in the garden. Finally, the exciting day arrives when Benji can fly his beautiful kite... A picture book about making your dreams come true. Hi, My name is Alan. I was inspired to write this story to share the joy I experienced as a child when I grew a gigantic banana squash that did indeed weigh twenty-four pounds. I hope my story will show that patience and care of the earth produce delicious rewards. Perhaps after reading about Benji and his farm-to-table adventure, you too will want to grow your own colossal squash. I’m a New York Times bestselling author of three books for adults that provide advice for living a happier, more successful life. I am also the editor of a poetry journal called Rattle. Each year we publish a book of poems written by children. Because I love encouraging children to fulfill their dreams, I founded a charity that works to maximize the potential of youth as well as an organization that encourages young people to become active in helping others. Benji and the Twenty-four Pound Banana Squash is my first book for children.