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Luke and Lottie. It's Halloween!

Luke and Lottie. It's Halloween!
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Alter: 3 - 5
Autor: Ruth Wielockx
Verlag: Clavis Uitgeverij / Clavis Publishing
Serie: Children's books
Sprache: Englisch
Edition: 1. Edition 2018


It’s Halloween! The twins Luke and Lottie are so excited. They are going trick-or-treating! A cheerful and simple story about Halloween. Who would have thought Ruth Wielockx was going to be a writer-illustrator of children’s books? Ruth herself the least of all! She studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Leuven and Southampton. She also holds a degree in teaching and she worked as a teacher some time. In 2000, everything changed. Because of her husband’s work, she was living in the United States that year and she started to look for an occupation of her own. She took a course in aquarelle at the local arts academy and found out she just loved drawing and painting. This discovery, besides her passionate love for books, led her to dreaming about her very own children’s book. Years of doubt followed before she realized her dream, but when you see the amount of books she has made now and the reputation she has built, you cannot imagine her ever doing something else than writing and illustrating children’s books…