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This Book is out of Control

This Book is out of Control
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Age: 3 - 5
Author: Richard Byrne
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Children's books
Language: English
Edition: 1. Edition 2017


Ben and Bella are playing with Ben's remote controlled fire engine. So why doesn't it turn or spin or sound its siren when Ben presses the buttons? And why are strange things happening to Bella's dog? This is a book that's out of control and only the reader can help get things back to normal.
Richard was born in Clapham but brought up on ice-creams and helter-skelter rides in Brighton. After studying graphic design in Sussex he worked for several design studios in London, Manchester and Leeds before moving to Chichester where he still dabbles in graphic design along with writing and illustrating children’s books. He now shares his ice-creams with his partner and their two children.